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I bought my vehicle from the Pickering Motor Company. I am not in any way connected to this company through any business, charity or private concern. I paid the full asking price for my vehicle and do not receive any payment for advertising their company.


I am going to use a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) for some of my tours - just throwing in a few necessary camping items to make it possible to sleep in, cook in and work in. I am planning to park my vehicle off-site as much as possible - free camping, stopping at as few camping sites as possible. My choice of vehicle is because these vehicles have usually been professionally lined and fitted with windows - a big money saver when converting a van to a camper-van, although mine has yet to be converted to such a vehicle. They normally come with a full service history, a low mileage for their age and haven't been knocked about like many conventional vans. Another point in their favour is that, unlike conventional vans, there is no VAT charged on WAVs in the UK. As VAT would add 20 % to the price tag, this is a considerable sum of money well saved.

Having only just bought this vehicle, I am going to be starting my tour(s) much later in the year than I would have liked with dark evenings and bad weather to contend with. I may also want to do a few 'test' trips before starting on a substantial tour.

I was able to purchase a Peugeot Boxer with a tail lift and fully adapted for wheelchair access. This is not because I need to use a wheelchair (yet!) but it will be handy for lifting our lovely dog, Kanga, on board as she now suffers from osteoarthritis, as I do. It is also fitted with a diesel fuelled heater which will be great for winter weather touring and air-conditioning for summer use.

By purchasing a vehicle fitted with a tail lift, unlike a ramp, means that I can remove the lift at some stage and fit a towbar thereby being able to use the vehicle to tow our caravan. To assist this, I'll first get the engine re-mapped to increase its power and torque.

Farewell to My Dream

As you know, I bought a Peugeot Boxer semi-camper (WAV) last Saturday (30 July). This morning (8 August), I sold it back to the dealer, so that's ended my dream of touring and staying wherever I could park it. Grace and I took Kanga on a short tour this weekend, staying one night in the vehicle. However, although Kanga was wonderful when it came to staying overnight – the three of us all shared the same mattress - she couldn't cope with travelling in it. So, it had to go. That's life.

Sadly, Kanga passed away on Saturday 15 October 2022. We have no plans for the future.



















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