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On this page I will be sharing with you some of the routes I've been planning to tour, some of which could take several months to explore in depth. Many of these routes are designed for the long-term traveller covering more than 4000 miles return from Calais, France. Some of the routes may be combined if you have sufficient time - a lifetime, perhaps? Care must always be taken not to exceed the time you're allowed to stay in a particular country or within the Schengen Zone now there are so many restrictions being imposed on us. This is particularly the case if your tour is going to take longer than 90 days.

The major problem I have is deciding which places to visit - and which not to visit - as there are so many places that we can enjoy during our tours. Considerable flexibility is the key to successful touring as you just never know what special places you may come across in your travels. As always, the deciding factor is 'distance or detail'. Combining tours is great if you have unlimited time, but be aware that the MOT Certificate for your vehicle (if appropriate) may necessitate a trip back to the UK.

With this in mind, it is probably best to plan your tour to be a little less than one year in duration. Obtain a new MOT test certificate immediately before departure and book your next test to take place very soon after you arrive home.

European Capital Cities Tour - Visit as many as 24 Capital Cities
A wander through many of the mountainous regions of Europe and beyond.
The best way to spend time on the beach!
Go with the flow along the routes of some of Europe's greatest rivers.
Two short bicycle tours in the Philippines - and a free book!
Check the gradients of your EuroVelo Tour.
An incredible bicycle ride for those who like a challenge.
A long-distance hiking and cycling trail from Vienna to Istanbul with a length of about 1550 miles

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